Friday, January 20, 2017

Dating as a Part of Growing Up

Dating happens all around the world and the etticate and customs vary greatly all over the world.  Just consider an arranged marriage that is still common in India and how foreign that seems to courtship etticate in the USA.

As a courtship goes, for guys it requires not less than art and ability. It is more than sweat, blood, flesh, face, and most of all money is involved. Because as we all know guys would do everything just to impress us girls with their chocolates, flowers, gifts, so on and so forth. Courtship is a sort of salivary business to every gentleman-no exception, unless you are living in the vow of celibacy. These gentlemen are usually referred to as merchants because the more they talked, the more they put lies into girls’ heads and brains. The more they chatter, the more they suffice the ladies well-being. The more they utter lies, the more they get the chances to win their sweet "I do’s".

So to start with should a man bring flowers to a women on the first date?
If you do decide to bring flowers on a date we can vouch for and recommend a good flower delivery service we have used several times with excellent results.  I suggest you wait until the second date to bring a gift or flowers, etc.  You can waste a lot of money if you buy a gift for every first date you have, and if the women rejects you, then you fell even more foolish for wasting your hard earned money.

Every normal person wants to get real happiness and enjoyment out of life. Many young people, especially Western lands, regard to dating as a prime means of finding enjoyment. They often arranged to spend time unchapperoned with someone. You may assume dating to be normal expected practiced since its common in many places. We are young and have the autonomy to do what we wanted and also to explore new things. This all bears directly on the matter of dating. How so? Well, ask yourself, "Why do I want to date?" "What I am looking for that I could enjoy, for example, as a part of a group?" "Why do I pair off with a person?" "Isn’t the basic reason the growing attraction you feel towards someone you love or admire?" This can be seen from the fact that physical attractiveness usually has a lot to do with one’s being desirable as "date". Many young persons who date are not seriously thinking of marriage at present. As we teenagers, we want adventure in our lives. So we think that "dating" is important to us as being part of our growing up.

Yet, there is no question that dating can lead to "vexation" and even "calamity", consider why? More often dating involves some physical contact like holding hands. However, after this thrill, it doesn't have the same effect. Always remember that going into a boy-girl relationship takes risks, and it needs a lot of responsibility because we are in a competition to execute the game of glory under what we called love.
Hopefully your parents have taken the time to teach you the customs and etticate of dating in your culture.